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Get A Comprehensive Home Security Assessment

Specializing in security consulting and assessment, we deliver highly effective solutions to residents throughout San Diego County. Our team of security consultants and instructors help you secure your home and your family

After you schedule a consultation with our team, we will arrange for a detailed vulnerability assessment with the aim of identifying possible threats to your home. This is an essential step because it allows us to carefully examine the current condition of your security system. Our security evaluation is based on data unique to your home, its location, and your community. You get a security plan specifically designed to you and your needs.

Your Unique Vulnerability & Threat Assessment

Cohen Security employs a multifaceted approach that tackles every aspect of your home defense. A threat and vulnerability evaluation is a crucial step in our security process and we conduct it with the greatest level of dedication, precision, and expertise. This part of our security consulting can take up to three hours. We will identify possible threats to your home and family, and suggest the most appropriate solutions. Additionally, we will comprise a report detailing the following:

  • The most pressing security threats and issues at your home
  • Detailed evaluation of your current home security levels
  • Explanation of our security ranking methodology
  • Proposal of effective security countermeasures
  • Emergency Action Plan analysis

How We Can Assist You In Securing Your Home

Enhanced physical security

  • Access control system design
  • Security camera placement
  • Alarm system design and installation
  • Safe and vault product suggestion
  • Secure floor plan design

Property loss prevention

  • Proven security practices adjusted to your home
  • Theft deterrence and awareness
  • On-site evaluations and action plan creation
  • Compliance and risk audits

Trusted vendor collaboration

  • System installation management
  • Training in security equipment use
  • Signing off on equipment installation
  • Vendor pricing consultation
  • Vendor recommendations

Licensed Home Defense Experts

Trust only experienced, trained and licensed security consultants with your home security. Cohen Security ticks all the boxes. Not only do we have military backgrounds, but we also specialize in Israeli security methodology while also meeting the highest U.S. security standards.

Most importantly, we’re focused on eliminating security threats to your home and implementing advanced, reliable solutions adjusted to your lifestyle, area, and budget. Contact us today at (858) 203-3874 to discuss the unique needs of your home security.

Custom And Unique Security Solutions

With years of experience in the security industry, we have what it takes to resolve any security issues in your home. Our expert private security consulting in San Diego is based on several steps, from careful security assessments to the implementation of reliable countermeasures. We will go above and beyond to reduce the number of threats your home is exposed to, relying on our vast practical knowledge and unrivaled expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before signing up for our home defense training in San Diego or some other part of Southern California, take some time to learn more about security consulting, assessment, and other important considerations. We’re always at your disposal for any additional questions.

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