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Firearms are intimidating, and when misused, can have serious repercussions, but that should never dissuade you from learning how to handle one properly. Also, you do not need to go to the shooting range to practice operating a firearm. Your first lesson will take place in the comfort of your home without the use of a single bullet. Why? Because safety begins with maintaining a proper stance, grip and sight alignment, which can be taught in the environment where you likely keep your weapon.

Safety-Focused Firearms Training Classes

Before progressing to the shooting range, it is essential to make sure the three adjacent fundamentals are sound. Establishing and building upon these fundamentals can be done in the comfort of your home, utilizing what we refer to as “dry” exercises or non-live fire exercises.

Safety is our number one priority; thus, in every lesson, we use the proper firearm instruction tools to ensure there is never any risk to anybody’s safety at any point. Therefore, you need to learn the following three fundamentals:

  • Your body’s position to the ground
  • Your body’s position to the firearm
  • The Law of Aiming

Taking Your Firearms Training To The Range

Only after you have established a solid foundation of the first three shooting fundamentals, will we progress to the shooting range. In the shooting range, we will use shooting targets Matthew designed by himself to build your technical, reflexive, and tactical ability to operate a firearm. Lessons begin at $115 for an hour session, and we guarantee an improvement in your shooting ability after four lessons or we will refund your money.

Weapons Training By Seasoned Experts

Having proper guidance and assistance during your firearms training is essential for ensuring your safety and the safety of others.

With extensive training provided to our instructors by both the U.S. and Israeli Government, as well as years of experience in tactical shooting and counter-terrorism, we are a trusted choice for your firearm instruction in San Diego. We are here to ensure your safety and enable you to protect yourself without endangering others.

Learn Tactics For Real World Situations

When it comes to firearms training, it’s essential that you have enough opportunities to practice and work with an experienced professional. At Cohen Security, we will focus on your individual needs and tailor our approach to your pace and teaching preferences while emphasizing your safety. There’s nothing more important than the responsible and safe use of a firearm, and we’re here to ensure it!

We will also discuss real-life situations in which you may be required to use a firearm to protect yourself. Rest assured that our firearms training, suggestions, and methods always put security and safety first.

Our Specialized & Custom Training Services

At Cohen Security, we are specialists in the security industry and offer active shooter training in San Diego and vulnerability assessments along with additional types of security training and consulting services. However, our trusted firearms self-defense training across Southern California is one of our most requested services that will provide you the tools to stroll confidently wherever you go. Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions many people have about our active shooter training in San Diego. If you can’t find your question, feel free to contact us at (858) 522-9622. Any one of our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions.

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