Security Consulting & Training Services

Proven threat assessment solutions & dependable active shooter training throughout San Diego County

Our Core Services

With experience working with clients in a broad range of industries, our consultants can find solutions for any security concern. Practical security solutions, which remain efficient and not exaggerated, are the emphasis of the holistic approach of Cohen Security.


Active Shooter Training

An all-inclusive briefing on Active Shooters to help you prepare for the worst-case scenario. Our active shooter training entails both in-class education and in-field practice.


CAL OES Vulnerability Assessment

Qualifying Vulnerability Assessments (VA) for non-profit organizations applying for physical security enhancement grants through CAL OES


Discrete Armed Courier

With training and experience in discrete armed courier services, we safely deliver your most valuable assets to your designated destination.


Firearm Instruction

Firearm instruction provided by veterans of the I.D.F.

Dedication, Experience & Expertise

Based in San Diego, Cohen Security is one of the leading security consulting companies in the area for a reason. We have in-depth knowledge of Israeli security methodology and years of experience in military training. Our team consists of American military professionals who were once part of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Cohen Security trainers are specialists in the principles of defense, safety and security. We also provide tailored training courses to civilians, focusing on different aspects of self-defense and safety. Hire experienced, highly trained and qualified professionals who bring the highest level of expertise and security to your home, organization or event.

cohen security leader handshaking with client

“Our group’s experience with Matthew Johnson of Cohen Security and my personal one to one instruction with Matthew showed he and his company to be professional in every detail, personal in attentiveness to his client(s), prompt in his communications and satisfied our requests, questions and concerns throughout the process. I would recommend Matthew Johnson and Cohen Security.”

– San Diego Community Pastor

How It Works

Get a comprehensive approach to threat assessment with reliable countermeasures and a customized security plan. Once you contact us, we will follow key steps that are an essential part of our strategy. These steps include:

  1. General consultation appointment
  2. On-site visit
  3. Designing a tailored security plan
  4. Implementation of your personalized 24/7 security network

Specialized Security Services

If you have more specific security needs, Cohen Security can provide solutions for almost any highly unique scenario such as, but not limited to:

  • VBIED/ Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device Protocol
  • Mail/Package Screening
  • Personnel Screening
  • Active Shooter Protocol
  • Insider Threat Protocol
  • IED/Bomb Protocol
  • Suspicious Packages
  • Biological Threat Protocol
  • Vehicle Screening
  • Receipt of a Threatening Telephone Call

Market Sectors We Serve

We offer our services to businesses, institutions and individuals across different industries, adjusting our approach to the circumstances of a particular situation. The security and safety of your family, guests, employees or members is always our top priority and ultimate objective.









Why Hire Cohen Security?

We employ a holistic approach, taking into account all relevant factors relating to high quality training, proven results and the safety of all participants.

Security Consulting

Our extensive experience enables us to create dependable security strategies and techniques that identify potential vulnerabilities and risks. Consequently, we are able to develop structured security plans that offer maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Personal Training & Safety

We also train our participants in hand-to-hand combat, proper firearm use, mass casualty incident management, etc. In each and every one of these cases, safety always comes first.

We provide you with expert instruction and help you acquire skills that will enable you to protect yourself and others in unexpected, high-risk situations. Our training sessions entail both educational and practical lessons while our consulting services are multifaceted and detail-oriented, aimed at achieving the highest level of resilience to identified threats.

Furthermore, we stay up to date with industry updates and developments, which allows us to provide our clients with innovative services.