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Hire a Licensed & Trained Security Guard Detail

Cohen Security Guards are trained and licensed for a wide variety of security situations. From personal security details to commercial and governmental protection teams, our guards are among the most qualified protection personnel in the San Diego area. Hire us for armed or unarmed security services today.

Detecting Risk Before it Becomes a Problem

A security guard’s responsibility is to guard, patrol, and monitor areas to prevent theft and damage, and to de-escalate violence and other unlawful conduct. Security guards protect both people and property. At Cohen Security, we train our guards to observe and detect risk before it becomes a problem and to deter unwanted situations for our clients, preserving peace and security. Our guards are often hired to protect:

  • Schools, universities, parks & guests at events
  • Individuals, children, groups
  • Government personnel and property
  • High profile individuals & high-value goods
  • Gated communities, neighborhoods, homes
  • Businesses, buildings, retailers, parking lots

Types of security guards for hire

  • Armed or unarmed security guards
  • Security managers & command centers
  • Personal or team body guards & assigned protection personnel
  • Mobile security and patrol car details
  • Plain Clothes and undercover operatives
  • Remote and CCTV observation
  • Special skills and circumstances for personal protection
  • Access control and entry/exit protection

Industries and sectors we protect

  • Entertainment, sporting events & trade shows
  • Commercial, retail, hotels & conventions
  • Domestic government & political personnel & offices
  • Universities, high schools, grade schools & private schools
  • Healthcare, hospitals & clinics
  • Distribution, transportation & manufacturing
  • Parks & community areas, services
  • Neighborhoods, communities & religious groups
  • Special & customized detail

We ensure the highest standards

  • Employment screening & rigorous standards of professionalism
  • Criminal background checks
  • Comprehensive and in depth background searches
  • Professionals trained by Israeli security forces & military
  • Experienced & licensed guards
  • Rigorous firearms expertise
  • Technical & physical techniques
  • High ratings among clients

How it Works

Cohen Security makes hiring a security guard easy. First we’ll set up an initial call or meeting and discuss your needs. Based on our evaluation and your security requirements, we’ll give you a proposal which will detail the responsibilities of our guards, how many we’ll assign to your detail and our approach to protecting your people and/or property. You’ll be able to ask any questions and discuss with us scenarios and situations.

Once we agree to move forward, Cohen Security will further evaluate the area needing to be protected. At this point, we may want to speak with any key personnel on your side. Our guards will be thoroughly briefed and prepped for their duty.

After the detail has completed (or during if the detail is continuous), we will provide you with a full report indicating the activities and observations as well as any incidents involving your detail.

A Holistic Approach to Security

Cohen Security can assign you a single security guard or bodyguard, or we can implement a holistic security and protection detail with the latest technology and the highest trained security professionals in San Diego.

By combining the expertise of trained, onsite security personnel with CCTV surveillance and command center management, Cohen Security provides you with the right protection for any event, property or individual. Our team is not only trained in onsite security, but in the latest technology, integrating the highest level of security for our clients.

What it Means to Be Trained by Israeli Security Services and Military

Security in Israel is not a luxury for the wealthy, it’s a way of life for every community. As such, Israel has among the best trained security and counter-terrorism personnel in the world. To be trained there means you have been trained by the best and know the latest techniques to both avert dangerous situations and to subdue potential assailants.

The training directors at Cohen Security are a mixed group of personnel trained by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and who have served in various hotspots throughout Israel. Others have experience with the US military as well as the local guard force for the US Embassy in Israel. Among them are former IDF Tactical Shooting Instructors and IDF Sniper Team Leaders.

When you hire Cohen Security, you hire a detail that knows security and will react and respond appropriately to any security threat you may encounter.

We specialize in specific security services

Cohen Security utilizes Israeli security practices to design, train, and implement effective procedures for:

  • VBIED/ Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device Protocol
  • Mail/Package Screening
  • Personnel Screening
  • Active Shooter Protocol
  • Insider Threat Protocol
  • IED/Bomb Protocol
  • Suspicious Packages
  • Biological Threat Protocol
  • Vehicle Screening
  • Receipt of a Threatening Telephone Call

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking about booking professional security guard services in San Diego or other parts of Southern California, contact Cohen Security today. We can discuss our services in detail, explaining how exactly we can help secure and protect your premises. You can also read the following frequently asked questions for more information about our security guard services.

What are the advantages of armed and unarmed security guards?

There are many, but the short answer is their ability to respond to active threats. An unarmed security guard will always be limited in the scope of their capabilities to respond to a threat when compared to an armed security guard. If you have reason to believe your life may be in danger, we will always recommend an armed security guard to minimize the chance our guard may be overwhelmed by a threat because they do not have the proper tools to respond with.

How much do you charge for security?

Each security detail is tailored to the principal and their unique situation. Unfortunately, there is not a “one-size fits all” pricing available and we recommend you contact us in order for us to provide you with a more accurate figure. Considerations we take into account when determining our rates are: the amount of guards required, the length of time protection services are requested, if transportation services are required, is this a personal protection detail or a facility you would like to protect, etc.

Do your guards know how to spot trouble and avoid it before it becomes a problem?

Our security guards are trained in what is referred to as “Behavior Profiling”. The term profiling is a relatively common term, but behavior profiling differs in that a person’s race, ethnicity, gender, and age are not taken into account when evaluating their risk to become a threat.

Behavior profiling focuses on the body language of an individual and the manner in the which they act, not as much on the manner in which they present themselves. This industry-changing technique has proven its effectiveness year after year as the face of threats changes and evolves, but their body language does not. Understanding how to read body language and training our guards in these methods, is one of the unique characteristics Cohen Security brings to the security market in San Diego.

Do you also provide bodyguards?

We do provide bodyguards, but because each situation in which a bodyguard is required is unique please reach out to us so we may gather more information to provide you with the most accurate pricing.

Can I hire a guard or security detail for ongoing service?

Absolutely, Cohen Security places a lot of time and effort into training our security guards and we always provide preference to clients looking to establish a long-term contract. Please reach out to us at your earliest convenience to more information.

How many security guards do you recommend for my event?

The better question is, what is your event? Indoor or outdoor? How many guests are expected? Would you like us to screen all guests? What type of event is it (will there be weapons at the event such as a gun show)? Are there cameras and / or a surveillance room available at the event? Is there already an established security booth we can use? Are VIP’s expected? How many entrances/exits are there? Do you need guards at every entrance/exit? This is just a brief overview of some of the questions we will need answered before we can provide you with a more direct answer so please reach out to us at your earliest convenience.

Do you patrol neighborhoods?

We do patrol neighborhoods if there is an existing contract with the local HOA. Protecting the communities of San Diego is an honor and we take great pride in being able to ensure that San Diegans feel at peace in their own community knowing Cohen Security is patrolling the area.

What area do you service?

The greater San Diego area. If you have a special request within the County, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your security objectives.

Do you provide 24-hour security?

We do. We provide security services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How do I get started?

Security, while it may seem straight forward, is relatively complex if performed at the highest level. A lot of planning is required to ensure the safety of somebody’s life and/or property. You need overlapping and redundant layers of countermeasures and to know how to construct these layers in the most efficient manner is an art only Cohen Security has perfected. Cohen Security is not your standard guard company, so if you’re looking for a guard to protect your property or person as they would their own family, then please contact us so we can protect you sooner than later.

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