Security Consulting & Management

Field Tested Security Solutions

With years of Israeli military and government security experience, our staff is trained to understand the logic and processes behind implementing overlapping levels of security measures to minimize vulnerability. These very principles are the foundation of every vulnerability assessment Cohen Security performs, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide recommended solutions, field-tested to affirm their effectiveness.

Vulnerability Assessment Customized for You

Our assessment will examine your site’s unique vulnerabilities and deliver you a written summary of threats most relevant to you.  Additionally, you’ll receive a list of recommended countermeasures you could apply to increase your security against these threats. An assessment of your site will take between 1-3 hours and will be followed up with a detailed report elaborating on:

  • Our methodology behind ranking the effectiveness of each security measure
  • An outline of the most relevant threats to your facility
  • An analysis of your existing security measures, training programs, and response efforts
  • Summation of recommended improvements to further minimize your vulnerability
  • An evaluation of your current Emergency Action Protocols

All-Encompassing Consulting Services

Effective solutions for physical security

  • Evaluation, design and placement of CCTV cameras
  • Layout and design of alarm systems
  • Suggestions for reliable vault/safe products
  • Carefully devised security floor plans
  • Design and recommendations of Access Control Systems

Reliable methods for loss prevention

  • Tried-and-tested security techniques and policies
  • Assessment and programs for theft awareness and deterrence
  • Action plans and risk evaluations
  • Security solutions for product transportation and services
  • Operational, risk and compliance audits

Trusted partnerships with vendors

  • Vendor pricing, negotiation and review
  • Project management of the installation of security systems
  • Security equipment platform training
  • Identifying appropriate and dependable security vendors
  • Sign off and review of security equipment installation

Your Customized In-Depth Risk Analysis

After the threat and vulnerability assessment, we will also perform an in-depth risk analysis to determine the potential risk of a particular threat. We will suggest when immediate measures are required so that you can mitigate and possibly eliminate imminent security risks.

Our experience and practical knowledge of Israeli security methods, techniques and tools enable us to propose the most effective solutions that can enhance your security. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, you can also read Homeland Security vulnerability assessment resources.

Dependable Home Defense Training

Aside from a residential vulnerability assessment and general security consulting, we can also provide you with dependable home defense training throughout Southern California that will train you to protect yourself and your family in unexpected life-threatening situations in your own home and beyond.

For instance, we offer safe firearm instruction in San Diego and can help you understand the importance of proper tactical firearm use when defending your home from an intruder.

We’re available to you should you have any additional questions, so feel free to give us a call. Together, we can make your property safer!

Specialized Security Services

If you have more specific security needs, Cohen Security can provide solutions for almost any highly unique scenario such as, but not limited to:

  • VBIED/ Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device Protocol
  • Mail/Package Screening
  • Personnel Screening
  • Active Shooter Protocol
  • Insider Threat Protocol
  • IED/Bomb Protocol
  • Suspicious Packages
  • Biological Threat Protocol
  • Vehicle Screening
  • Receipt of a Threatening Telephone Call

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions many people have about our active shooter training in San Diego. If you can't find your question, feel free to contact us at (858) 522-9622. Any one of our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions.

What is security consulting?

Professional security consulting is a type of service that helps you understand what increases to your current security infrastructure can minimize your vulnerability to threats. We specialize in assessing places of worship, education, commerce, transportation, government facilities, private residences, and healthcare facilities. An experienced security consultant can identify areas that aren’t properly secured or are at a greater risk of a particular threat. They will conduct an in-depth inspection and then suggest an effective security plan designed just for your business or residence.

What is a security threat assessment?

A security threat assessment is an essential part of security consulting. A security consultant will perform this type of assessment to identify possible threats to which your facilities are exposed and the probability of those threats affecting your commercial or residential property. A security consultant typically employs several steps in their evaluation, considering different risks, vulnerabilities, and other relevant factors.

How to conduct a security threat assessment?

If we told you how to conduct a thorough security threat assessment we would be out of business. Therefore, if you want to secure your property and protect your employees, residents or visitors, you should hire an experienced security consulting firm to perform an assessment.

This type of assessment requires extensive knowledge and experience in the field to understand how overlapping factors influence your safety and security. Thus, it is not recommended to perform it on your own without seeking assistance from a third party. In addition, it’s always advisable to leave security matters to individuals who have undergone thorough training and are familiar with implementing dependable security solutions.

How long does a security threat assessment take?

You may be wondering how long it will take a security consultant to perform a security threat assessment, provide you with a report, and suggest possible measures you can implement. This may depend on several factors, including your type of business, the size of your facilities, etc. In general, it may take between one to two weeks for them to complete a thorough written analysis. However, keep in mind that security consultants may have different techniques and approaches to performing the assessment, which can affect the duration of a security threat assessment.

Which San Diego neighborhoods do you serve?

Carmel Valley

Homeowners and business professionals in Carmel Valley can rely on Cohen Security to evaluate their current security levels and propose possible solutions for improvement. Our security consulting services are based on our expertise and experience, as well as all the recent advancements in the security consulting industry.

We offer professional security threat assessment in Carmel Valley that brings nothing but excellence and reliability. We can help you understand the importance of adequate security levels by identifying possible threats to which your facility is exposed. We will further suggest possible security solutions that will help you protect your property and all the occupants. We can determine the condition of your existing security systems and decide whether they need to be replaced. We can also offer maintenance services and other aspects of security consulting.

Most importantly, you can rely on our experienced professionals because we have all undergone extensive, in-depth training and employ dependable security methods approved by both the U.S. and Isreali Government. With our assistance, both homes and commercial properties in Carmel Valley will be secured and protected to the highest standards. Contact us today and schedule a consultation!

Del Mar

Cohen Security services the city of Del Mar, as well, so we can assist you in securing your home or place of business. Our services entail threat assessment, security consulting, home defense training, and the like, so feel free to contact us for any security issues. We are here for both residential and commercial property owners, adjusting our approach to your specific needs and requests.

When it comes to our security threat assessment in Del Mar, we will take a thorough approach when evaluating your current security levels. During this stage, we will identify possible risks and vulnerable areas that should be addressed. Afterward, we will devise a tailored security plan, suggesting effective, tried-and-tested solutions that can further enhance your security. If necessary, we will arrange for a replacement of your current security system or schedule regular maintenance of the existing one.

Every step of the way, you will be able to rely on our highly qualified security consultants who have excellent records. Here at Cohen Security, we’re a trusted American company selling security solutions that uphold the highest industry criteria. Nonetheless, we will always consider your specific security needs and customize our plan for optimal results. For more information, you can contact us anytime!


Our security consulting services also service the Encinitas neighborhood and are designed for different types of facilities. We’re a dependable airport and school security company, so we can assist both private and public sectors in enhancing their security levels. Homeowners can also contact us for assistance in protecting their residences and family members.

Here at Cohen Security, we employ an approach, methods, and tools that are highly advanced and dependable, enabling us to achieve optimal security levels in a facility. We offer security threat assessment in Encinitas to determine all possible risks that might be a threat to your property.

After carefully inspecting your premises and evaluating the condition of your security systems, we will decide on the most appropriate solutions, having your personal requests in mind. When determining all possible vulnerabilities, we will always consider factors relevant to Encinitas itself. This will allow us to devise the most effective security strategies.

Furthermore, your threat assessment will be performed by the leading security experts in the area. Our team members have been thoroughly trained to deal with a range of different security issues, so they can successfully identify all possible vulnerabilities. We are all committed to making Encinitas a safe place for its residents, which is why we’re always completely dedicated to our clients.

University City

If you are located in University City and want to further secure your home or business, Cohen Security is here for you. Our security consulting services are available in this San Diego area, as well, so feel free to schedule a consultation anytime. Both residential and commercial property owners rely on us to assist them in making their facilities safer for their occupants and we are here to meet their needs.

Achieving optimal security and safety levels is our top priority because we want to ensure the protection of University City residents. You can contact us for reliable security risk consulting in University City, San Diego and we will begin the process of securing your property at your earliest convenience.

We will conduct an in-depth threat assessment of your facilities with the aim of identifying possible vulnerabilities. Our evaluation will take area-specific factors into consideration and analyze your current security measures. We will then create a detailed report, recommending advanced security improvements and take the necessary steps for their implementation.

You can rest assured that our team is professional, experienced, and qualified, having undergone strict vetting and extensive training. We’re military professionals with comprehensive backgrounds in security consulting, so your property will be in safe hands. Make an appointment today!


Cohen Security professionals specialize in reliable security threat assessment and consulting services, providing Coronado residents with dependable solutions. Our team consists of the best experts in the field, who have military training, as well as experience in security-related matters and implementation of security-enhancing solutions. As former military officials, we possess vast knowledge of both American and Israeli security solutions and we bring them to our clients for optimal results.

Our services include exhaustive security risk consulting and threat assessment that enable us to identify possible threats to your home or business in Coronado. When doing so, we take specific factors into consideration, ones that are relative and unique to your location, business, home, etc. We will also examine your current security system and identify possible vulnerabilities. After conducting a comprehensive analysis, we will suggest highly effective solutions that will enable us to minimize the risks to which you’re exposed.

Our in-depth security consulting services are performed with maximum dedication, care, and precision. Our specialists will help you enhance the security levels of your property and protect the residents, equipment, business data, etc. Most importantly, we offer customized Coronado security risk consulting that focuses on your particular circumstances. Feel free to schedule a consultation and we’ll arrange for an assessment. Contact us today!

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