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Israeli Security Company in San Diego | Cohen Security

Israeli Trained Security Services

San Diego, CA

We Implement the Rigorous Standards of Israeli Security Methods

Cohen Security specializes in providing dependable security solutions to both residential and commercial property owners. We employ effective security measures and techniques based on our extensive experience and knowledge of Israeli methodology where security is a way of life.

Moreover, we also provide safe active shooter San Diego training, as well as professional firearm instruction across Southern California. We also specialize in trusted security risk consulting in University City, Del Mar, Encinitas, and other neighboring areas as well as communities throughout San Diego County.

A Detailed Analysis to Determine Your Security Needs

The first step in increasing your security levels entails a careful assessment of your property and current security measures. This is crucial for identifying possible threats and vulnerabilities and developing effective countermeasures. Our team is highly committed and detail-oriented, so rest assured that they will meet the highest industry criteria. After the initial evaluation that will take from one to three hours, we will provide you with a carefully devised report, addressing:

  • The explanation of our ranking criteria for each aspect of your existing security system
  • Careful evaluation of the system itself, response efforts, training programs, etc.
  • In-depth Emergency Action Protocols assessment
  • A list of identified threats and facility vulnerabilities
  • Suggestions for security solutions that can reduce possible risks

Dependable Security Consulting Solutions and Services

Methods for physical security

  • Suggestions on third-party security team employment
  • Floor plans based on sound security solutions
  • Alarm system design and layout solutions
  • Safe and vault product recommendations
  • Access Control System designs and suggestions
  • CCTV system design, evaluation and placement

Effective solutions for loss prevention

  • Immediate risk assessments and action plan developments
  • Effective security policies and methods
  • Theft awareness and deterrence measures and programs
  • Secure solutions for the transportation of products
  • Assessments of risks, compliance and general operations

Suggested vendor partnerships

  • Reviews and negotiation of vendor pricing
  • Training for security equipment
  • Sign-offs on the installation of security systems
  • Management of security equipment installation
  • Proposal of trusted security vendors

A Tailored Approach Toward Security

Here at Cohen Security, each and every one of our consultants is highly qualified and experienced, which is why we’re one of the leading companies in San Diego County. We are former IDF military professionals who have undergone extensive training in the security industry that combines decades of US and Israeli government knowledge. Our practices are based on field-proven security methodologies that uphold the highest industry standards.

Furthermore, we know that each property is unique and requires a tailor-made solution. Thus, we can adjust our security approach to the particularities of your situation. We are highly detailed when rendering our services, so rest assured that we will be able to identify any hidden threats to your facilities.

Unique Security Solutions for Each Client

We are here to assist you in protecting your property from unauthorized access and the most severe threats to your safety.

Our physical security solutions begin with a careful analysis of your existing security system. Afterward, we help you prepare for a myriad of threats by creating Emergency Action Plans unique to your place of business or residence.

When creating Emergency Action Plans specific to your site, we are always open to receiving your input and enjoy working side-by-side with our clients to accommodate any special requests.

We Specialize in Specific Security Services

Cohen Security utilizes Israeli security practices to design, train, and implement effective procedures for:

  • Vehicle Screening
  • Personnel Screening
  • Mail/Package Screening
  • Receipt of a Threatening Telephone Call
  • Suspicious Packages
  • IED/Bomb Protocol
  • VBIED/ Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device Protocol
  • Biological Threat Protocol
  • Active Shooter Protocol
  • Insider Threat Protocol

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you need a reputable Israeli school security company in San Diego, LA or SoCal, or you want to increase your residential security levels, Cohen Security is easily accessible and always available. Should you need any additional clarification or have certain concerns you want to discuss, feel free to schedule a consultation. You’re also welcome to take a look at our FAQ section for more information on security consulting.

What is physical security and why is it important?

Physical security refers to the physical elements included in a security system such as equipment, guards, CCTV cameras, access control measures, etc. It typically entails several overlapping measures but before any of these elements can be implemented it is important to understand what you are protecting yourself from. This means a risk assessment is always the first step before any improvement on the existing security system can begin.

Although many commercial and residential property owners neglect the importance of physical security, it is crucial for protecting your property and occupants, securing invaluable data, preventing potential loss, and safeguarding against threats such as vandalism, theft, and terrorism.

How to ensure personal security?

Aside from being general security consultants and the leading Israeli airport security company, we can also handle any matter of personal security. If you feel you are personally at risk, contact us as soon as possible so we can work with you to ensure your safety unless it is an emergency then please contact local first responders.

Personal security doesn’t begin once you leave your house, it begins at your house. Where you live, the car you drive, the route you take to work and your place of employment are all factors to consider when building appropriate solutions to safeguard anybody’s safety. There are many more factors to consider and evaluate when it comes to personal security but we are familiar with all of them. So please reach out to us so we can begin working with you to find an appropriate solution.

Our Cohen Security team is available for any personal security needs or requests you may have, so don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

What does a private security company do?

As a private security company, we specialize in providing both public and private clients with dependable insight into the security they need to protect their assets using proven solutions. We are very familiar with the threats facing each type of business and can tackle different types of security issues depending on your personal needs. For more information on our services, you can also contact us and we can discuss them in greater detail.

What is a physical security audit?

Physical security audits refer to in-depth assessments of a client’s adherence to security policies and regulations. Our team can perform a thorough evaluation of your existing security programs, identify to what extent they are implemented, and which threats your organization or company is exposed to. The ultimate objective is achieving the highest security levels, developing sound risk management strategies, and minimizing noncompliance.

What personal security company uses Israeli soldiers?

Isreali security methodology is known for its reliability and effectiveness, which is why many experienced security consultants focus on implementing it throughout the U.S. Cohen Security actively seeks and recruits former Israeli soldiers to our company because their previous military training provides a common foundation from which we can build upon with our own course in security. After our training, each member of our team has an even greater insight into highly effective Isreali security solutions and is enabled to consider security issues from the most effective perspective.

What personal security company uses Israeli soldiers in San Diego?

Cohen Security. As the foremost provider of security consulting services based on tried-and-tested Isreali methods, our team strictly recruits former IDF soldiers to ensure uniformity of our training practices between all of our consultants. Utilizing the combined insight of the U.S. and Israeli government, we have extensive knowledge of both American and Isreali security practices.

Furthermore, we serve the entire area of Southern California, including Los Angeles, San Diego and the surrounding neighborhoods such as Del Mar, Encinitas, University City, etc. For any security-related needs, questions, or concerns, contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

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