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Effective home defense training for your absolute security

Your home should be the place where you feel the safest. Yet, it’s often at risk of burglaries and other home invasions. With the assistance of Cohen Security, this can change. We specialize in security consulting and assessment, offering highly effective solutions to residents across San Diego, Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California. Our team of security consultants and instructors can help you secure your home and learn how to protect yourself and your family.

Home & personal protection training in San Diego: field-tested solutions

Cohen Security is known for its exhaustive approach to security, be it personal, residential or commercial. We bring local residents an opportunity to secure their homes using only tried-and-true methodology. With an extensive background in Israeli security and defense forces, we boast a vast knowledge of the country’s most dependable security methods. As the leader in the security industry, Israel has brought many advancements to both residential and commercial security systems and practices. 

Furthermore, since we have been trained by both Israeli and American Government, our services meet both country’s excellence standards. Rest assured that we can enhance the security of your home and minimize all possible threats to your property and safety. 

In-depth home security assessment San Diego, LA & SoCal trust

After you schedule a consultation with our team, we will arrange for a detailed vulnerability assessment with the aim of identifying possible threats to your home. This is an essential step because it allows us to carefully examine the current condition of your security system. Our security evaluation is based on data unique to your home, its location, and general facts for your area. This means that we will devise a tailored security plan specifically designed to tackle the security issues of your home. 

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Experience-driven methodology for vulnerability & threat assessment

Here are Cohen Security, we employ a multifaceted approach that tackles every aspect of your home defense. Threat and vulnerability evaluation is a crucial step in our security process and we conduct it with the greatest level of dedication, precision, and expertise. This part of our security consulting can take up to three hours depending on several factors. We will identify possible threats to your home and family and then suggest the most appropriate solutions. In addition, we will comprise a report listing: 

  • The most pressing security threats and issues at your home
  • Detailed evaluation of your current home security levels
  • Explanation of our security ranking methodology
  • Proposal of effective security countermeasures
  • Emergency Action Plan analysis

How we can assist you in securing your home

Enhanced physical security

  • Access control system design
  • Security camera placement
  • Alarm system design and installation
  • Safe and vault product suggestion
  • Secure floor plan design

Property loss prevention

  • Proven security practices adjusted to your home
  • Theft deterrence and awareness
  • On-site evaluations and action plan creation
  • Compliance and risk audits

Trusted vendor collaboration

  • System installation management
  • Training in security equipment use
  • Signing off on equipment installation
  • Vendor pricing consultation
  • Vendor recommendations

#1 Home defense experts in San Diego and beyond

Your personal and home security should be entrusted to experienced, trained and trustworthy professionals – Cohen Security consultants. There’s no one more qualified to help you secure your home. Not only do we have military backgrounds, but we also specialize in Israeli security methodology while also meeting the highest U.S. security standards.

Most importantly, we’re focused on eliminating security threats to your home and implementing advanced, reliable solutions adjusted to your lifestyle, area, and budget. Our residential security consulting services are nothing if not of superior quality. 

There’s no security challenge we can’t tackle

With years of experience in the security industry, we have what it takes to resolve any security issues in your home. Our expert private security consulting in San Diego is based on several steps, from careful security assessments to the implementation of reliable countermeasures. We will go above and beyond to reduce the number of threats your home is exposed to, relying on our vast practical knowledge and unrivaled expertise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Before signing up for our home defense training in San Diego or some other part of Southern California, take some time to learn more about security consulting, assessment, and other important considerations. We’re always at your disposal for any additional questions.

What does security consulting entail?

Here at Cohen Security, we offer diverse security consulting services, including home defense and personal protection. These types of services aim at ensuring your and your family’s safety, as well as the protection of your property. Our experienced security experts can identify all possible threats to your home specific to your unique situation. After a thorough evaluation, we will suggest and implement viable, highly effective security solutions that bring long-lasting quality. 

What does security threat assessment refer to?

As the initial stage of securing your home, vulnerability and threat assessment is employed to identify the exact security risks in your area, as well as the likelihood of them compromising your security and safety. This type of evaluation and inspection requires us to consider factors specific to your residential area, such as its statistics, etc. For instance, if you live in Little Italy, we will consider everything relevant for this particular neighborhood.

Can I perform a threat assessment on my own?

Security assessments require background knowledge and experience, which is why they should be performed by experienced professionals. If you schedule a home security assessment with us, you will have an opportunity to work with experienced, trained professionals who know how to deal with complex security issues and all the related matters. 

How to protect your home from burglary?

To safeguard your home against burglary, you should inform yourself about safe residential habits you can practice, such as always closing and locking your doors and windows when leaving your home. In addition to some easy DIY solutions, you should consider hiring experts to help you secure your home to a professional level. Cohen Security is here to assist you with this and enhance your home security through dependable solutions. Contact us today!

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