Trusted Firearms Safety Training in San Diego, LA & Southern California

# 1 Firearms safety training course for minimized risks

Handling a firearm requires a special set of skills and professional training. Otherwise, it may endanger your life and lead to serious consequences. Whether you simply want to know how to properly use a firearm if need be, or you’re planning to obtain one, you should enroll in our first-rate training in San Diego, Los Angeles, or some other part of Southern California. Contacting us is the first step in protecting the people you love and making your community safe.

Our dry fire training is the first step

After signing up for our firearm training lessons in San Diego, you will go through the first stage of preparation – dry exercising. This entails acquiring the fundamentals of firearm use in your own home. This is an essential step in learning how to operate a firearm because it enables you to become familiar with a firearm, learn its mechanisms, and get ready for the exercises in the shooting range. With us, this form of training precedes the actual shooting in a range because it allows you to establish the three basic rules:

  • The Law of Aiming
  • Body position on the ground
  • Body position with a firearm

Civilian firearms training in San Diego for practical experience

Following the dry activities, we will organize professional training in a safe, controlled environment – shooting range. During this stage of training, you will have an opportunity to develop crucial safety and tactical skills using carefully created targets. This way, we enable our participants to enhance their shooting ability.

In fact, we’re dedicated in our efforts to help you overcome any challenges you may come across. You will notice a significant improvement after only four lessons. We are so confident that we even offer a refund if you feel that you haven’t improved your firearm use and shooting ability. 

Our instructors bring nothing but expertise & experience

When it comes to firearm use and safety, learning from qualified, experienced professionals is crucial. Here at Cohen Security, this won’t be a problem because our team members are government-trained former military officials with extensive background knowledge and experience in tactical shooting instruction. We have pristine records and unmatched qualifications, having been actively involved in defense forces, counter-terrorism efforts, and both Israeli and U.S. government training. With us, your security is guaranteed. 

Firearms defense training San Diego, LA & SoCal depend on

Our firearms training is carefully designed to teach you all the required self-defense strategies and techniques. With our help, you will also adopt essential tactical and reflexive skills, as well as all the legal requirements of firearm use. Our hour-long lessons come at 75-dollar rates and offer tailored professional guidance that meet your particular needs. Aside from being experienced military personnel, we are also highly skilled instructors who are able to adjust our teaching methods to each participants’ learning preferences. 

Protecting yourself and others should always be your first and only objective when using a firearm. We will assist you in achieving this by using dependable teaching methods and helping you acquire safe, legally compliant practices. 

Expert women firearms training brings security

Whether you live in Downtown San Diego or some distant neighborhood, you should always feel safe and protected. Our carefully devised firearm training classes in San Diego can help you feel more confident in defending yourself in situations that may involve a firearm use. During our course, we will discuss certain situations and techniques unique to women and life-threatening situations in which they might find themselves. Let us know how we can assist you and we will do everything in our power to do so!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before signing up for our firearms self defense training in San Diego, Los Angeles, or some other region in Southern California, you should take some time to learn what this type of training typically entails and find out what you can expect. For any additional questions, please contact us at any time.

What does firearm training refer to?

Although firearm training may somewhat vary depending on your preferred provider, it still entails extensive instruction on proper firearm use. You may cover everything from possible legal requirements and guidelines on firearm use to specific self-defense strategies. For more specific clarifications, you can contact us and we’ll gladly discuss our courses in greater detail.

Why is firearm training important?

This type of safety training is crucial for everyone considering to obtain a firearm, has experienced an unpleasant situation involving a firearm, or simply wants to learn more in order to protect the people around them. Although you may never have to operate a gun or some other type of firearm, knowing how to use it properly is essential for ensuring your and others’ safety. 

Furthermore, aside from acquiring specific skills and techniques for firearm use, you’ll also have an opportunity to discuss situations in which firearm use may be inevitable. This way, you will be prepared to react appropriately, both physically and mentally.

What does firearm training entail?

As we already mentioned, our firearms safety training in San Diego and other regions consists of dry, non-live exercises and practical activities in a shooting range. Our training contains different drills and stages, each carefully devised to gradually help you develop safe skills and proper attitude when using a firearm. 

After focusing on the three firearm use fundamentals, we will discuss other aspects of a skilled shooter. Of course, theoretical discussions are followed by hands-on practice that allows you to test your knowledge and skills. Nonetheless, each aspect of our firearm training is based on a simple rule – ensuring your safety.

Where can you apply for firearm training?

Although you have a range of firearm safety courses available, it’s important that you find a trusted instructor with experience and qualifications. Cohen Security is your first, safe choice and once you sign up for our training, you will see for yourself how experienced and professional our instructors are. We’re all highly trained American military professionals with U.S. and Israeli training behind us. We specialize in a range of different training courses and complex security matters. Our team is here to make you and your loved ones feel safe!

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