Discrete Armed Courier Service

Trust an Experienced Leader to Transport Your Most Valuable Assets

Discrete Armed Courier Service is no different then the traditional armed courier service you’re familiar with seeing driving around your city in a large armored truck jumping from bank to bank, with one major exception. When we operate, you could be sitting in your car at a red light, next to one of our armed couriers transporting an asset worth more than your mortgage, and you would never even know it. Our drivers look like you, act like you, and dress like you, but underneath the façade is a well-trained armed courier discretely ensuring the safe transport of our client’s property from point to point.

Confidentiality and discretion are the two cornerstones of our discrete armed courier service, and all our transport services are conducted in a low-profile discrete manner to avoid attracting unnecessary attention to the client, the courier, and the asset.

Secure Delivery for Any Industry

Trained in Krav Maga for the worst-case scenario and certified to handle small arms through a rigorous defensive firearm tactics course at Cohen Security, our armed couriers exemplify the best protection Cohen Security has to offer. Our clientele includes:

  • Jewelry Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Cannabis Dispensaries and Farms
  • Private Entities
  • Commercial Entities

Case Study: Discrete Jewelry Transportation

By way of example, a client of ours wanted to ensure the secure delivery of a valuable piece of jewelry arriving to San Diego from out of the country. The international courier was met at the airport, upon landing, by a discrete armed courier from Cohen Security.

The international courier then securely transferred possession of the item to our courier who then ensured a safe and discrete delivery of the item from the airport to the final destination in La Jolla.

Training and Experience in the Latest Security Tactics

Cohen Security prides itself in our ability to employ discrete security tactics practiced in the State of Israel because our founders underwent that very same training. Cohen Security employs security tactics that can only be learned in Israel and as Israel continues to be the proven leader in the security industry why would you consider trusting any other company to transport your most valuable assets?

90% of the time, all specialized courier deliveries are completed without incident and the general public is never even aware of what transpires around them. But, when it comes to the other 10%, those once in a lifetime disruptions or scenarios you never believed would happen, do not take the risk of losing your most valuable asset because you hired a sub-par security company with the lowest price. Safe, secure, and discrete, no other discrete armed courier service can provide a more professional service using the latest security tactics derived from the Israel Defense Force, Diplomatic Security Service, and Israeli Security Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions many people have about our armed courier service in San Diego. If you can't find your question, feel free to contact us at (858) 522-9622. Any one of our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions.

Can I accompany the courier as he transports my asset?

Unfortunately, we do not allow our clients to accompany our couriers. While we understand the desire to supervise the transport of your valuable assets, our consultancy operates under a mutual understanding of trust between us and our clients. Transporting your property under the supervision of someone unaffiliated with Cohen Security, exposes our methodologies and trade secrets to outside sources which is not how we operate. Cohen Security takes significant steps to protect our training and operating procedures to ensure that we can continue to provide the highest quality of security service available on the market.

What if something happens to the courier and my property while in transit?

While we have never had an incident in which the courier was not able to safely deliver their asset, in the event this should happen Cohen Security maintains full liability insurance to cover any outcomes of such an event ensuring appropriate compensation for both our client and the courier.

What information do you need to provide a quote?

The quoting process is straight forward; we just need the following information.

  • The declared value of the item, and if it has been appraised
  • If the item requires any special handling (chemical, delicate, etc.)
  • The size of the package or container it will be transported in (if you cannot provide a proper container/bag Cohen Security can provide a secure container for an additional charge. Cohen Security does not provide refrigerated containers.)
  • The starting/ending location or if you would prefer not to provide that information then the driving distance between the two locations. (the final billed mileage may vary since the routes our couriers take vary for operational security reasons)
  • When the item will need to be picked up, and when it will need to arrive (the more advance notice we can receive, the more time can be invested towards planning the most secure route)
  • The main point of contact requesting the service, as well as the points of contact at the starting and ending locations

What steps does Cohen Security take to ensure my confidentiality?

When a client is interested in a discrete security service, a member of our management team will personally handle the client’s case and only share information with the courier that is relevant for them to perform their job. The courier typically does not know who the client is they are servicing, only the beginning/end destinations and if the item they are transporting requires any special care. All electronic information is securely protected with numerous virus/intrusion protection programs and encrypted. In unique cases a member of the management team may personally handle the transport themselves.

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